About Us

Assay Depot’s mission is to empower scientists with the best tools possible to spur innovation. We believe that a great scientific idea can come from anyone, whether an amateur scientist doing it on their free time or a weathered life-long scientist in academia or industry. We started our Open Science Challenges with the hope that we can provide funding to those with an idea but not the resources. Fortunately, there are tons of excellent organizations out there with a similar mission that we are glad to call a partner.

Our Company

Assay Depot has created the world’s largest network of public and private cloud-based research exchanges. Researchers from around the world use the public research exchange to find, compare and purchase research services, and to request information from thousands of global vendors. Researchers at pharmaceutical companies, universities and other large organizations use private research exchanges as centralized platforms for managing external and internal partnerships. Research vendors use both public and private exchanges to offer their services and products to the global research community. Take a look at www.assaydepot.com.

Contact Us

Questions? Please contact Timothy Chen at tchen@assaydepot.com or 858 356 6940.