Types of Services Provided: Genomic Data Analysis

BioDiscovery develops, markets and sells advanced software solutions for the analysis of data from high-throughput microarray and next-generation sequencing technologies. BioDiscovery provides a full line of modular software packages built for power, versatility, and efficiency spanning image analysis, microarray data processing, and advanced analysis of CNV, expression, and methylation data.

BioDiscovery is a Gold sponsor of the Rare Disease Challenge. BioDiscovery is providing copy number software (Nexus Copy Number) or gene/miRNA expression software (Nexus Expression) or Professional (analysis) services. Researchers may apply for one of the below:

- Nexus Copy Number 1-year license node-lock (copy number software)
- Nexus Expression 1-year license node-lock (gene/miRNA expression software)
- Copy Number analysis services or gene/miRNA expression analysis service
- A combination of license(s) and services

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Learn more about Nexus Expression

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