Cisbio Bioassays


Types of Services Provided: Assay Development

Cisbio is a provider of biological reagents, custom bio-molecule labeling and assay development services used in high throughput screening, secondary screening and R&D. Our line of ready-to-use kits and standalone reagents are based on our patented HTRF® (homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence) technology. Cisbio’s HTRF® FRET technology has had a significant impact on therapeutic areas and applications including oncology, inflammation, metabolic disease, biomarker identification, kinase research and GPCR studies.

HTRF® offers flexible detection chemistry useful in receptor/ligand binding assays, enzyme assays, protein-protein binding assays, DNA-protein binding and immunoassays. Our assay format is easily miniaturized and amenable to automation and high throughput scale-up.

Cisbio Bioassays is a Gold and is providing 1 full assay development on the target of choice.. Commercial antibodies must be available or generated by Ab partner as a donated service.

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