Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD)


Types of Services Provided: Software access; Data collaboration

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) is the leading provider of SaaS (cloud based) drug discovery software since 2004. The CDD Vault software today serves thousands of users in hundreds of organizations to manage their data efficiently, securely and to collaborate with external research partners in real time. For case studies please see; for a brief history of the company’s highlights: Although CDD’s technology is therapeutic area agnostic the company supports a large number of neglected disease research projects and CDD just recently got involved into a rare disease project (Rare4DB).

CDD is a Gold sponsor and is providing a small lab package (1-5 user licenses for CDD Vault software). The CDD Vault provides the database/software for scientists to manage their data. Instead of working with multiple Excel spreadsheets or complex IT solutions the CDDVaults modern design provides an industrial strength system with professional security for scientists to use in a very easy and comfortable web-interface (cloud), from anywhere. No need to be inside the same firewall since https and true web technology are provided. CDD maintains all server related aspects, the scientists only need a web browser and their account and can easily use a professional data management environment.

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