Types of Services Provided: Genomics; Gene expression; miRNA

Genemarkers is a certified women-owned (WBENC) genomics-based research service lab that specializes in gene expression profiling, genotyping and microRNA analysis using Affymetrix and TaqMan qPCR instrumentation platforms.

Genemarker is a Gold sponsor and is providing gene expression or microRNA expression analysis of up to 30 blood or tissue samples, including RNA isolation with QA/QC, cDNA synthesis, qPCR reactions (gene expression or microRNA). If you are interested in these services, please indicate in your proposal how would utilize these services.

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More information about Genemarker capabilities.

Applications Include:

Biomarker discovery and validation
Preclinical Studies
Environmental toxicogenomics
Molecular diagnostics

Services Include:

Nucleic acid isolation
Gene expression profiling
MicroRNA expression profiling
Bioinformatics/pathway analysis
Statistical data analysis
Publication quality results and data presentation

If you have questions about the competition or the services offered here, please contact us.

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