Novocraft Technologies


Types of Services Provided: Bioinformatics; Software access; Genomics

Novocraft Technologies is a bioinformatics company specializing in the development and application of next-generation sequencing technologies. Novocraft’s flagship product, novoalign, is currently the most accurate short read alignment program and in use by major genome centers and biotechnology companies.

Novocraft Technologies is a Gold sponsor and is providing a full commercial package consisting of Novoalign, Novosort, NovoalignCS and MPI programs for aligning NGS reads to a reference genome.

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More information about Novocraft products:

• Novoalign: Our primary product is an aligner for single-ended and paired-end reads from the Illumina Genome Analyser. Novoalign finds global optimum alignments using full Needleman-Wunsch algorithm with affine gap penalties.

• NovoalignCS: Implements key functions of Novoalign for Colour Space reads from ABI Life Sciences SOLiD system.

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