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Types of Services Provided: Sequencing

Otogenetics provides a one-stop solution for targeted gene capture, next generation sequencing (NGS) & bioinformatic data analysis.

Otogenetics specializes in custom gene target sequencing and already have panels for genes implicated in Cancer, Deafness, Cardiomyopathies among many others diseases. We specialize in quickly developing custom target panels to meet your specific need, such as developing kits to sequencing rare disease genes. In addition, Otogenetics provides RNA-Seq and various DNA resequencing services, which include Exome sequencing, ChIP-Seq, 5hmC and 5mC-MeDIP methylation profiling. With a minimum 2 sample requirement for most services, Otogenetics welcomes projects of varying sizes and payment terms to suit every lab worldwide.

Otogenetics’ motto is to make NGS affordable and we are committed to providing guaranteed data quality at the lowest price with quick turnaround time.

Otogenetics is a Silver sponsor of the Rare Disease Challenge. Otogenetics is providing

3 Whole Human Exome Sequencing using Agilent V4 51Mb human exome kit, 30x average coverage.
Or 6 deafness, HCM, DCM, or Usher gene sequencing using Otogenetics disease gene capture kit.

The donated service includes standard data analysis (mutation/SNP calls). Data delivery through DNAnexus.com or Google cloud drive.


2 RNA-Seq:

20million PE100 reads, PolyA cDNA preparation, HiSeq2000 sequencing, PE100 reads. Basic bioinformatic analysis (read mapping, expression analysis, variant and isoform analysis) included. Data delivery through DNAnexus.com or Google cloud drive.

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