Rare Disease Challenge: Be HEARD

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Voting for the $10,000 prize is over! Congratulations to Qiang Chang, who is studying Rett Syndrome! More info to follow soon.

Assay Depot and the Rare Genomics Institute are teaming up to sponsor the Rare Disease Challenge: Be HEARD (Helping Empower and Accelerate Research Discoveries) to accelerate rare disease research.

Prizes for the Rare Disease Science Challenge Include:

$400,000 of Donated Research Services include:

  • Mouse Model: Knock-in/Knock-out
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Gene Expression or microRNA Analysis
  • Custom Zinc Finger Nuclease
  • Human Tissue Functional Assays
  • Custom Antibodies
  • Preclinical and regulatory drug development consulting
  • Bioinformatics: NGS analysis, qPCR, genome alignment

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All Applications are eligible for the $10,000 prize

Top applications will be selected by our Judging Panel:

  • Atul Butte, Stanford School of Medicine
  • John Crowley, Amicus Therapeutics
  • Bernard Munos, Innothink Center for Research
  • Hugh Rienhoff, MyDaughtersDNA.org
  • Randall King, Harvard Medical School

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Final awards will be determined by Facebook voting.


Who can apply?

  • Projects that involve rare diseases (as defined by the NIH).
  • Researchers at non-profit institutions, universities, or academic laboratories.
  • Rare disease advocacy groups, foundations, and families.
  • For-profit companies are encouraged to collaborate with non-profit patient advocacy groups or universities in order to apply.

How to Apply

    • All applications are due Dec 15, 2012. NOTE: We have extended proposal acceptance until Dec 31 2012.

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For more information: http://challenge.assaydepot.com/rare-disease-guideline‎