Sigma Life Science


Service Provided: Reagents; Genomics; Functional Genomics

CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nuclease and JumpStart TAQ Readymix

Sigma Life Science is a division of the Sigma-Aldrich corporation. Products include a variety of technologies of interest for life science researchers that include: functional genomics, transgenics, molecular biology, bioactive small molecules, oligoneucleotides and proteomics.

Sigma Life Science is a Gold sponsor and is providing 44 tubes of JumpStart TAQ Readymix. To find more information about the JumpStart TAQ Readymix, you can visit here.

Sigma Life Science is also providing one CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) project. With Custom ZFNs researchers may conduct a targeted gene knockout or integrate exogenous DNA, small genetic elements or transgenes, at the preferred locus. More information on Custom ZFNs may be found at

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