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Types of Services Provided: Mouse and Rat model generation and breeding

Taconic is a leading provider of life sciences solutions to researchers worldwide, offering innovative rodent models and scientific services to facilitate in vivo studies and advance research. Our integrated model generation and breeding solutions enable investigators to access the most advanced animal models in the shortest possible timelines.
Taconic’s portfolio includes:

• Custom model generation services providing easy access to advanced genomic technologies such as targeted gene mutation and gene replacement.
• Custom breeding solutions tailored to your specific needs and designed to provide the right models quickly, cost-effectively and in the volume required for your research demands
• Extensive animal model repositories, including the Taconic Transgenic Model™ portfolio of in-licensed transgenics, a Knockout Repository of 3,600+ mouse lines, and the Emerging Models portfolio of investigator-sponsored models
• tADMET™ models improve safety assessment of drug candidates by knocking out key murine genes and replacing them with their human counterparts

Taconic is a Platinum sponsor and providing one of three services in custom generation of a mouse model.

1 Constitutive Knock Out mouse model
Permanently inactivates a target gene in all cells of the body throughout development.
1 Constitutive Knock In (point mutation) mouse model
Insert a point mutation in a precise manner into the genome.
1 Targeted transgenic mouse model
Insert a transgene into the well-defined ROSA26 locus without interfering with the expression of other genes

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